Light - It's Not The Static Thing We Thought It Was

Come into a dynamic new world where light is re-examined for quality of life, living and thriving.


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The Connection of Sleep & Light

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By Definition - Lumen Element = Light That Is Essential

I am truly enthused about my inspiring research and sharing the message of the remarkable world of light in which we live and how it can, and does, change lives in so many astounding ways.
— Suzanne Cavanagh

As an Aging In Place specialist I have developed a home lighting assessment to assist those who are wanting to age in their homes.  Proper lighting can:

  • Reduce falls

  • Decrease accidents

  • Improve sleep

  • Increase safety

  • Improve enjoyment of activities

  • Improve social interactions

Lumen:  Latin for light, in the world of lighting it is the measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source.  In medicine it is a luminous term referring to the channel within a tube such as a blood vessel or to the cavity within a hollow organ, when crosscut you can see light through the space that has been opened. 

Element:  A part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic. represents the research by Suzanne Cavanagh as I uncover  our amazing world of light and how we are influenced by it both visually and non-visually.  As owner and CEO of a commercial lighting company I have had the opportunity to connect with the leaders in researching all aspects of light.  I have the privilege of being able to bring this information in an easy to understand way to people who can benefit from this information.  Check out my other business:  Century Lighting.

Light daily resets our internal time clock - our circadian rhythm, promotes vitality, well-being and health.  It enhances productivity, concentration, and so much more! We need to be surrounded daily by natural light. It is a dynamic element that shifts and changes throughout our 24 hour day and all through the seasons.  It is a natural part of our being into which we were born.

Lighting matters for all of us in all stages of our lives, from the infant to the student to employee, for families, for all of us.  Lighting matters for us as we age, for those who are ill and those living with Alzheimer's and other neuro-cognitive  disorders.  On the short list, light can help with depression, sleep problems, mood swings, productivity, learning and even weakened immune systems.