What is the impact on sleep from our devices?

What is the impact on sleep from our devices?

Many people are curious about the impact of their portable electronic devices (PEDs) on their sleep. 

Here is a current research article looking into this:  New LRC Study Tests the Effectiveness of Apple's iPan Night Shift Application. 


A popular part of all of my presentations is when I talk about sleep.  It seems as if everyone is feeling sleep deprived and wants to know how they can change that.

The light we are surrounded by during the day is critical to our sleep at night.  It is also crucial that we eliminate 'blue light' at night.  This is from all of our electronic devices, TV's, computers, smart phones, iPads as well as some of the LED lights in our homes.


One of the easiest ways to eliminate blue light is by wearing these glasses, while there are other more expensive options, I have found these to be very effective. (See links below!)

On your computer you can also download www.f.lux.com and on smart phones there is a setting that will change the screen color at night.

Let me know if you try these and how they work for you.  


Blue Light Blocking Glasses