Have you ever walked into a space where the lighting was perfect? 

Where you felt like you were outdoors, experiencing natural light without any glare or weird shadows? 

Well, this is what we at ElderHealth & Living Memory Village get to experience every day with our new HealthE Lighting circadian light system and installed by Century Lighting. 

The installation process was wonderful with in the moment adjustments made to meet our needs.  The affects of having programmed lights that reflect true daylight and change as the day progresses into afternoon, evening and night has such a profound impact on our confused residents and our staff! 

Having the natural circadian rhythm of a day in our homes is another we have in reducing anxiety & agitation. 

Thank you Suzanne at Century Lighting for bringing awesome, new light to our homes!

Liz von Wellsheim, GNP/Medical Director/Owner
Nancy J. Koll, CFO/Owner
ElderHealth & Living Memory Village

Suzanne Cavanagh gave a great presentation to our care staff here at ElderHealth & Living Memory Village. It was very informative, learning about the aging eye, vision and the effects of sunlight and the use of Human Centric Lighting on circadian rhythm. We have one home using the Circadian Lighting System and it has made a wonderful impact on our residents and staff!

Thank you Suzanne for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us,

Liz von Wellsheim, GNP
Medical Director/CEO
ElderHealth & Living Memory Village

Thank you Suzanne for presenting at Twin Rivers Rotary this morning. What an informational presentation on circadian rhythm and the affects of light. Well received information! We are lucky to have you in our community.

Kay Hyde-Patton, Attorney
Leahy Cox, LLC

Suzanne Cavanagh is extremely educated and knowledgeable about light and it's affects on us. We had the privilege of hearing her speak during an all team meeting at Crescent Park Senior Living, we are an independent living community in Eugene, OR. 

She educated our team about the importance of light and how it affects our sleep, which is so very important to all of us. She talked with us about the importance of natural light and how we need to actually go outside to absorbed it. She also talked with us about using our devices (phones & ipads) close to bed time and how this may affect our sleep. She even brought some props to help us really see the difference. 

We learned a lot from Suzanne's presentation and we are grateful she was willing to share with us! 

Thank you, Jill Krupoff, M.S.G. Executive Director, Crescent Park Senior Living 

I have had the distinct privilege of hearing Suzanne Cavanagh speak (on more than one occasion) on the importance of light and how it affects our health and every day life.  In fact, her presentations are so well done and so informative that I will continue to attend them every chance I get!

Most of us have heard about SADD and how some people get the blues when the skies are grey, but this goes WAY beyond that! This information is a game-changer, and will have a positive affect on the lives of countless people. It has already made a difference in mine.
Suzanne recently did a Home Lighting Assessment in my home, and it was more than I expected!  From start to finish, she was so thorough in analyzing the home environment and our personal needs.  She had questions, suggestions and really took her time.  It’s obvious that she truly cares about others and is very knowledgeable.   My appointment was an eye-opener, and I now have an action plan for my home, which will positively affect everyone in my household!

Suzanne Cavanagh is truly on the forefront of this crucial information and is an Industry Leader in the Pacific Northwest.  Eugene, Oregon is lucky to have her, and I know she will continue to make a positive impact in our community and well beyond!

I would HIGHLY recommend that everyone take the time to connect with Suzanne! 

(Tita) Luisa Freytag


Be it know:

Our Eugene Downtown LIONS Chapter was recently treated to a vibrant presentation on "The Effects of Light and Color In Our Lives" at the Downtown Hilton Conference Center by Suzanne Cavanagh.  Ms. Cavanagh's power point presentation was pure porcelain in style, delivered with a stiletto twinkle anchored by a thorough knowledge of her supject.

From opening greeting to final illustrated slide, she delivers a bon mot-filled eclair worth hearing and seeing.

William D. Sarnoff, Ph.D. 


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to tell you about my experience with Suzanne Cavanagh of Lumen Element.

We met through the Eugene Chamber of Commerce Greeters breakfast meeting.  I learned a little bit about her "lighting" history and accomplishments and was interested to learn more.

I belong to the local Eugene Downtown Lions Club & usually once a year I volunteer to get speakers for each week for a month.  This year I thought of Suzanne. I was so glad that I invited her to speak to my club.

Her talk was so informative and the best part for me was that I learned lots of new things about light & how it affects me.  I have already started to include some of her suggestions in my daily life.

My Lions club has about 80 members & they attend meetings to learn new things & be entertained. The response was over whelming. Everyone I talked with had nothing but good things to say about Suzanne.

Fee free to call or email me with any questions.

Karen Norton
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Thanks again for coming to the Barn for your presentation today.  Really interesting!  Love that there were so many questions by our folks – clearly a topic that folks want more info about.

Janet Whitty
Program Supervisor
Petersen Barn Community Center
City of Eugene Recreation Services

Thank you, for coming to our class and educating us about light. Your presentation was great.

Jenell Snyder,  May 19, 2016