Economic Impact of Longevity

I recently attended a Gerontology Conference where a keynote speaker from AARP spoke about changing the way we thinking of the our aging population.  He showed the positive economic impact that Seniors have on the economy as a whole and specifically on Oregon's.  It was a new way of considering the impact of our aging society.  The longevity economy considered the impact of households headed by someone 50 and above.  Consumer spending for this group was close to $60 Billion compared to households headed by someone under 50 at less than $40 Billion.  People over 50 in 2013 were 36% of Oregon'spopulation.  This economy supported jobs in health care, retail trade, accommodation and food services.  People within this age group also contribute significantly to Oregon's workforce.  33% of Oregon's workforce is over 50, 17% of which are self employed entrepreneurs, and 40% work in professional occupations.  This population is growing and will continue to have a major impact on our economy, in light of this study in a very positive way.  To see more visit: AARP States Longevity Economy