Suzanne Unpacked...

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In 2008, my husband and I jumped feet first into the commercial lighting business knowing the game of business well and the topic of lighting only on the surface.  Six years later, I was challenged by our business coach to decide what would make 2015 an amazing year for me.  After several months of deep reflection, I started putting my puzzle pieces together.

At one time, I had volunteered for hospice care and I remembered how deeply moved I was by a patient’s failure to thrive.  I also remembered attending a lighting conference in 2008 where I learned about lighting used in neonatal intensive care that greatly improved the infants’ ability to thrive. 

Putting these two realizations together was my light-bulb moment.   If light can improve the lives of newborns what about everyone else?  I became extremely interested in learning how light is not the static thing we often think it is. It has been within only the last hundred years that we humans have subjected ourselves to live with man-made lighting that is static, meaning that it is the same whatever time of day you turn it on, it doesn't change.

Pushing my findings further, I became immersed in research.  I believe in the possibilities that we can use light to improve the lives of our elderly, and those who are living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases.  

Moving forward, I currently have two certifications: Lighting Specialist 1 (LS-1) through the National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors (NAILD), and Executive Home Modification Specialist (EHMS) through the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.  The excitement continues, as I am now an invited member of the Human Centric Lighting Society (HCLS) with experts in the field of lighting and neurosciences from around the globe.

Staying on task, I did find a way to make my 2015 amazing!  It continues as I am truly enthused about my inspiring research and sharing the message of the remarkable world of light in which we live and how it can, and does, change lives in so many astounding ways.